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I have never been able to successfully execute effective changes in my life, ever. A few weeks ago, I was torturing myself with an internal audit of my life. You know, one of those "whoa is me" nights. After suffering through it for a few hours, the voice of the Lord called to me. I finally sat in front of His presence and prayed one of those Genie wish list type prayers. "God, I want to go back to school, I want to find a new job. I want to get out of this rut." I started to create a plan in my mind, a design for my life when His voice called to me again. He started to tell me that none of my plans would ever work. He is the Creator. I can do what He called me to do. Submit to His will, trust in His love and follow His voice. See, I was kinda waiting for this word from Him. He had been speaking to me in the smallest ways to show me that He is in everything. When I can trust Him in the smallest things, the Holy Spirit will fill me and He will bless me beyond measure. So, I started trying to listen. To try to faithfully obey.
I think have previously mentioned Pastor Michael Yousef. One night, I sat down to listen to his new series, Know your best friend, and just the first section of that 7 or 8 section series, was like hearing God repeat those words which I had heard a few weeks before. It was an amazing affirmation.

I wish I could say I've moved flawlessly into submissive living but I have not. There have been many moments of resistance and some moments of pure obedience for His glory. In those moments, I hear Him say, "See, baby-girl (yes, that's what God, the Creator of the universe and Redeemer of the world, calls me) this is what I have waiting for you all day, everyday. Perfect unison with My perfect love.


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